Charity Programme

Charity Programme

Monarch Sports proudly shares the details of their charity programme. We grant backing in terms of finances to the players who have a talent for this game. They can make their dreams come true with the help of our financial incentive. On every purchase made from our company, we donate 1% to charity contributions.

We provide all the accessories to the enthusiasts that require it to play. We also offer coaching services to groom their skills and help them excel in this field. This enables them to focus on their expertise and polish their proficiency without the burden of bearing the expenses.

The Procedure

Anyone who has a passion for cricket qualifies for this charity programme. For instance, there is someone who has the potential of being a part of the first-class tournaments can apply for it. We are eager to help them grow and pursue it as a career. Hence, if you know someone who can use this, drop his or her particulars or bring them to us.

Our team reviews all such entrees and contacts the ones who deserve it by all means. Therefore, there is a thorough evaluation of each submission. As a result of that, the names of finalists are devised. Our panelists interview them and then make the final decision of the nominees by the company.

Is assistance in cash?

We do not dispense cash to the deserving ones, but instead, the aid offered is in the form of expenditures on the gears and accessories. We fund them throughout their practicing sessions and other activities.

Do we have new candidates each year?

We evaluate all the submissions regularly. We stay in touch with the person to make sure they are getting proper provisions. Each year, a new deserving sportsman is added to this programme. However, the same applicant can continue it in the next term as well, if they still deserve it.

Who is eligible for this benefit?

This aid is valid only for cricketers who belong to low-income families and cannot afford to buy a kit on their own. We intend to aid their career growth by providing high-quality equipment.

We are eager to support talented individuals across the globe. No matter where you are in the world if you have a passion that needs some aid to continue playing, we are here to help you.

How can I apply?

Given is the form that you have to fill if you seek any further information or want to be considered for it.

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